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Our Story

The RPRA exists to serve the interests of all Repton Park residents. It is an accredited Residents Association with a majority of residents as Members.

The RPRA continues to serve the interests of all Repton Park residents playing a vital role in liaising with First Port, the management company. To date there have been a wide variety of areas covered spanning leasehold property maintenance, service charges, parking, security, ground and general site maintenance. The intention is to focus on areas like these along with other residents’ preferences.

There is no charge for being a member of the RPRA. All residents are recommended to register their membership via this website , which you can do so by clicking the register your voice button on the right-hand side.

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To represent the residents, in overseeing, liaising and reviewing the performance of  the management company, in all matters appertaining to Repton Park.

In addition, the RPRA will organise social events for fund raising purposes and to curate a sense of community for the benefit of residents.


The Association will be made up of a committee of up to 14 owners. Elections will be held every year, at the Annual General Meeting, to elect a management committee for the following year.


The RPRA management Committee will have a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and up to ten other members.


To aspire for excellence and the highest quality service from our Management Agent and other Service Providers, to promote a safe, friendly and inclusive neighbourhood, making Repton Park the most prestigious private gated community in England.

The RPRA committee

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